Mutter-Bronfman-Harrell Trio


Stefana Atlas
Samantha Scully
North and South America
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“Thankfully, the trio was not only energetic and propulsive but also well-balanced.”
Richard Bammer, San Francisco Classical Voice, April 2015


Anne-Sophie Mutter, Violin
For over three decades Anne-Sophie Mutter has been one of the most acclaimed violin virtuosos of our time. Since her Lucerne Festival debut in 1976 and 1977 Salzburg debut with Herbert von Karajan, she has performed concerts in all the major music centers of Europe, North and South America and Asia. In addition to performing major traditional works she has continually treated her audiences to new and innovative repertoire, both in chamber music and concerted works. She also uses her popularity and renown for the benefit of numerous charity projects and supports the development of...

“The performances were everywhere alive with chemistry and communication. You have to hope for such further indulgences.”
James R. Oestreich, New York Times, April 2015
“These players are three distinct personalities, and none entirely what he or she seems. But already, this is one of the great piano trios.”
Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times, April 2015